Just some of the projects we have delivered for clients.

  1. Restructure a business to meet increasing commercial demands. Over 18 months we worked to develop a coherent business strategy which secured finance to further develop the business.  We also developed a people plan, implemented a learning and development programme and reviewed the reward strategy.
  2. Work with a major Government department to review career pathways and advised on implementing a career management process which included a conversation cycle.
  3. Advise a Government department on Talent Management and support the implementation of a talent management strategy.
  4. Design and deliver a leadership development suite of programmes to support people at every stage of the leadership journey.
  5. Develop an Organisation Design programme which was delivered for people and HR teams in an array of financial institutions and a major retail organisation.
  6. Support the development of People, HR and Learning and Development strategies for several organisations across diverse sectors. This included developing awareness of the use of blended learning approaches.
  7. Work with a major commercial organisation to develop and deliver competency models across Europe, the USA and the UK.
  8. Deliver HR strategy workshops for HR/People teams across the UK and overseas.
  9. Work with organisations to help them prepare to outsource some or all their HR/People/Learning and Development functions.  We identified core and non-core activities, enable leaders to decide which operations to outsource. We support the development of realistic service level agreements and help with the commissioning process. We have also been involved in the process of insourcing where we have managed the selection and development of a new HR team to take up HR operations.
  10. Design and implement cultural change programmes. We work with existing cultures to strengthen and develop the will to change. Through workshops and exercises we help people to see what lies at the core of their organisation, and from there how to expand the possibilities and potential locked in the culture. Changing organisational culture is a difficult and subtle task. All too often change is imposed from the outside, and then rejected. Our work is based on the latest thinking, and on insights from the study of complex systems, rather than traditional change models. We don’t have fixed programmes or structured models, but instead help people at all levels to take responsibility for the change process.
  11. Facilitate and design events of all kinds from key meetings to conferences. Work with boards from an array of sectors to help them explore strategic options and to reach decisions. We also train and develop internal facilitators.
  12. Scenario Planning: In a changing and uncertain world, predictions about the future become harder to make. We support teams to explore the various decisions they may need to take. We help leaders and teams to identify different ways the future might unfold, and then begin to determine actions that they may need to take as scenarios present themselves.
  13. Team building: we work with teams on issues such as communication, developing coherent strategy, scenario planning, increasing productivity and creating better working relationships. We also work with teams that are working effectively and who want to move on to the next level of performance. We design and facilitate team and board events. =
  14. Strategy workshops: Design and lead workshops which engage people in the development and implementation of strategy, and allow them to better align their own performance and values with those of the organisation. The workshops are highly interactive and blend inputs on strategic tools with practical exercises, group work, case studies and action planning
  15. 360° assessment for a leadership team of a professional body against leadership competencies. We provided one to one coaching based on the results. This exercise has now been conducted in several organisations.
  16. Design and delivery of an array of training programmes aimed at building organisational, team, and individual capability. (See our client feedback)