Client’s Feedback

Evaluation comments for our work have included:


‘Over the last 15 years Rita has worked for me as a trainer, a facilitator and an executive coach.  She possesses a breadth of skills that she can put to good use with wide ranging types of teams, no matter how challenging they may be, placing her as one of my go to consultants to work with’.

Leadership Development Programme

“It has been a very worthwhile experience for me and I believe that others are already seeing a change in my approach and attitude at work since the first workshop. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is open in outlook and prepared to spend some time and effort to develop their skills”

“I do find being part of this development a real opportunity that one senses is being paid back with interest!”

“This was a very useful session as it totally made me rethink the way that I look at myself and understand why I behave the way I do in certain situations.”

“I was surprised by how much the course was actually moulded around the expectations of the group. I genuinely can’t think of any ways that this workshop could have been improved”

“I will definitely utilise the skills learnt”


“I like the fact that this toolkit is practical.

“Comprehensive and a good toolkit to help empower managers.”

Enlightening, informative, guiding”

“Excellent information and advice.”

“I gain access to all of these tools and can create my own workshops, for about the price of sending one person on a course.”

“I really like the fact that you can create ‘branded’ documents edited by yourself from templates. This means that you can quickly and easily produce the right material for your company without having to spend hours on the foundations, creating material from scratch!”

HR Master Class

“Well presented, varied range of topics, purposeful, interesting, topical discussions, group/team work, FUN LEARNING!!!!”

“I really enjoyed the course”

“Very good course. The trainer was very approachable and helpful with any questions/queries.”

“Very useful information and working tools for everyday use”

Recruitment and Selection Masterclass

“I found the structure presented both useful and informative. Excellent.”

“Very informative and enjoyable.”

“I made some very important discoveries and improved my skills.”

“Very relevant and well delivered”

“Very well focussed and interactive session”

“It bought home the implications of using the wrong approach and making a bad decision. A valuable couple of hours!”

Performance Review Skills

“This course provides a constructive approach to preparing and running appraisals. I feel confident and prepared for any types of difficulties which could happen.”

“Some valuable lessons learnt. I will be able to make use of these skills.”

“As Team Manager it is part of my responsibility to appraise my team – this course has given me a good idea of how to conduct appraisals and how to stay focussed and positive by giving good and bad feedback.”

Handling Difficult and Sensitive issues

“Thank you for your hard work in designing and providing this training around our needs. I have had a considerable amount of feedback from staff who wished to convey how much they enjoyed the course.”

“Very helpful – well explained – very clear.”

“I felt the training was a great benefit, it was also fun and easily absorbed.”

“I learned so much about myself and how I can now handle situations. I found the course thoroughly enjoyable.”

Coaching skills Workshop

“Practical and reflective, rather than instructive. It was great to do ‘live’ training and get feedback.”

“It’s a practical toolbox for basically any one on one communication with a specific goal. It works really well spending a lot of time on real practice and testing the things learned.”

“The course was very much tailored to our needs! I now feel absolutely ready to start formal coaching sessions.”

Presentation Skills

“I learned so much about my own behaviour and the skills I need. What I have learned today will definitely be of use in the workplace.”

“Brilliant! I feel I have got a lot of out if and I’m more aware of the importance of effective delivery.”

“I found this session more beneficial and relevant than others I have been on. Very useful, constructive and realistic.”

Feedback Skills

“It was useful and will make my life easier”

“I have developed self-confidence to give and receive feedback and achieve new ambitions/goals”

Outsourced Human Resources Functions

“Our employees are a really important part of our business and RMG succeeded in delivering some difficult objectives and meeting deadlines for us.”

“Considering the distance at which we were operating, RMG did an exceptional job in picking up on what we needed and providing this.”